The Links: Jason Richardson still has hops and John Beilein knows the value of the alley-oop

November 18, 2012 in Roundup

Our Sunday roundup of news from around the state.

John Beilein‘s new love affair with the alley-opp. (Michigan Daily)

Jordan Crawford is so hungry to score, he’ll steal your free throws. (Basketball Jones)

Michigan‘s Fab Five, not surprisingly, is the best recruiting class ever, according to Dave Telep. (

This has been a physically challenging season for Michigan native Shane Battier. (CBS Sports)

Keith Appling discusses how he improved his jumper. (State News)

Comparing Appling to former MSU point guard Kalin Lucas. (Banks of the Red Cedar)

Saginaw’s Jason Richardson can still get way up. (700 Level)

Michigan State‘s Gary Harris already looks like an impact player. (State News)

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