Shawn Respert, #PerfectSpartan, inducted into the Michigan State Hall of Fame

September 22, 2012 in Division I

By Patrick Hayes

Shawn Windsor of the Detroit Free Press wrote a great profile of Shawn Respert as he was inducted into the Michigan State Sports Hall of Fame this week. I do have to quibble with one little passage, however:

When fans of MSU basketball think back over the years about all the great players who have worn green and white, Respert isn’t necessarily in the first handful that comes to mind. Perhaps this is because his best teams — he played in 1991-95 — didn’t get past the Sweet 16 and didn’t win a Big Ten championship, at least Respert figures this is why.

“I wish I could’ve done a better job cementing my legacy,” Respert said this week, “how the team goes, the individual goes.”

Despite all of the success Michigan State basketball has had during the Tom Izzo years, I would still put Respert at the top of the list of most exciting players the school has produced in the last 25 years or so. He was incredibly fun to watch, and he played on some pretty good teams. He just happened to play during a really good era of Big Ten basketball and college basketball in general.

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