Dating for Sports Fans

One issue that has always been an issue for men dating women is that a lot of women aren't into sports that much. Sure, they may accompany their boyfriends to a game or two, but many women just aren't that interested, although there are certainly many exceptions to this. So how can sports fan find dates that share a common interest? There are two ways I recommend.

sports bar

The first is to frequent sports bars. You'll be sure to find women at such bars that are just as enthusiastic about sports as you are. What's more, if you go to the bar when there is a game on that you're interested in watching, you can further be ensured that almost all the people in the bar will share not just your enthusiasm for sports, but will be interested in the same sport you are interested in watching.

The second method to meet sports fans is to use online dating site. On most dating sites like you can specify what your hobbies are and likewise search for other members with similar interests. In addition, you can verify that your interests align when you communicate with other people on the site. A good way to see how things work in online dating is to use a Match free trial coupon from This way, you can use the features of the dating service for three days.

Of course, if you're single and on the market, it also helps to tell everyone you know about your status. If they know someone who shares your interests, they just might hook you up. For course, this is the old-fashioned way of meeting a potential date, but it's also the least efficient. Your success will depend on how good your network of family and friends are. In the modern age, when we can take advantage of technology and things like online dating, I think joining a site like is a much smarter option.  

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