Contact Lens Tips for Beginners

Wearing contact lenses for the first time can be a scary prospect for many people. But despite any concerns you may have, wearing contacts is very safe if you just follow a few important guidelines. As someone who has worn contacts for over a decade, here are some tips I would like to offer to beginners:

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1. Don't wear the lenses longer than the designated period.
Most contact lenses can be work 2-4 weeks. It may be tempting to wear your pair for a longer time to extend their life and save a bit of money. However, I have been advised many times that this is not a good idea. There is a lot of debris that can build up on your lenses over time, so it is essential that you change them regularly according to the prescribed schedule.

2. Do take your lenses off each night.
If you fall asleep in your lenses once in a while, that is probably okay, but don't make it a habit to sleep with your lenses, even if your lens manufacturer says you can sleep in them. Your eyes need to breath, and the perfect time to allow them to do so is in the evening while you sleep. Also, make sure rub each lens a bit on each side before storing them.

3. Do get regular eye exams.
Eye exams are especially important for people who wear contact lenses. Although contacts are for the most part very safe, there is a small chance of complications or infections. Therefore, it's best to make sure your eyes are in optimal condition with regular checkups. To buy lenses, you'll need a prescription that is no less than a year old. Therefore, most contact lens users will be getting annual exams. But you should contact your eye care professional immediately if you notice something wrong, such as your eyes getting red from irritation.

4. Buy your lenses online from
I used to buy my lenses from the doctor's office. But later on, when I checked prices online, I was shocked to find that online prices were much lower. Today, I always buy my lenses from, where I can get plenty of coupons and other special discounts. Just visit for the latest coupon codes.

5. Wear sunglasses.
Sunglasses are important for protecting your eyes, regardless of whether you wear contacts. But it's especially important for people who wear contact lenses. Some contact claim to offer UV protection, but I would still invest in a good pair of sunglasses to stay on the safe side.

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