What does BallinMichigan.com cover?

Is it about basketball? Does it have a loose affiliation to the state of Michigan? Is it interesting? If the answer to those questions is ‘yes,’ chances are BallinMichigan.com will write that story. More specifically, we mine the high school, JUCO, NAIA, Division I, II and III ranks for story ideas while also looking back at historic teams or athletes, providing updates on college and professional players who are out of state but have Michigan ties, women’s basketball, youth basketball … basically anything that we can be convinced is a good, intriguing story that our readers would care about is worth our time to write about.

How can I write for BallinMichigan.com?

Easy. Pitch us a great idea for a story, including why this story is compelling and why you are the person to execute it, and then deliver on what you promised. Story pitches (or story suggestions for people who have good ideas but don’t want to do the story themselves) can be sent to us using our contact form.

Will you pay?

Eventually. Right now, we are a small, independent startup. However, the population of unpaid, talented writers on the internet is too high and we have no interest in contributing in large numbers to those ranks. If you have a story that you’d really like to write and we’d really like to publish, our goal is to quickly get to a point either through advertising revenue or donations where we have a small budget to provide you a very modest stipend for your work.

If you cover high school basketball, why don’t you do prospect rankings?

We do not fancy ourselves recruiting analysts. The main reason behind that: we’ve seen how little it takes for someone to be a ‘recruiting analyst’ — basically having a website and the ability to watch AAU basketball a lot in the summer. There is little accountability for getting things wrong when it comes to ranking prospects. Personally, that’s not something we are interested in getting wrong. We’re more interested in the stories about the athletes themselves, their dreams, their love of the game and what they do to get where they want to go. There are certainly credible recruiting analysts out there who have an eye for talent, but this site will just never be about providing that kind of content.

Can I buy an ad on BallinMichigan.com?

Absolutely! E-mail us using our contact form.

Can I donate BallinMichigan.com?

Absolutely! If you like what we do and want to help us sustain it, please feel free to contribute via PayPal by clicking the ‘donate’ button in the right sidebar. Donations are appreciated but certainly not expected.

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