Michigan State alums miss playing, but above all miss the camaraderie

December 14, 2012 in Division I

By Patrick Hayes

The big alumni game at Jenison Fieldhouse featuring several greats from Michigan State‘s past is tonight, and Matt Charboneau of The Detroit News talked to a few of the participants:

“We’re gonna get together to sit and reminisce and laugh and joke,” said Mike Peplowski, who played from 1989-93 and has been one of the catalysts behind this and other reunions. “As 40-something-year-old guys could ever possibly do, we’ll pretend we’re 19 again. This weekend is worse because you’ll stick all those type-A personalities in a room and ask them if they want to put the uniform back on and go play in a gym. The mind-set is we’re all still 19, 20, 21 and say, ‘Yeah, I’ll go out and play.’ Every single one of us knows that, but we’re gonna do it anyway.”

Charboneau also talked with Mateen Cleaves and Steve Smith. Unfortunately, legendary coach Jud Heathcote will no longer be able to make the trip after injuring himself in a fall this week. Magic Johnson also will no longer be able to attend because of a commitment at the White House.

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