Out of bounds? Ferndale University team wins high school game by 88 points (with poll)

December 12, 2012 in High School

By Patrick Hayes

Glancing through high school hoops scores yesterday, this one stuck out just a bit — Ferndale University 97, Detroit Cristo Rey 9.

The game was essentially over after the first quarter, with Ferndale University holding a 33-3 lead. I have no idea how much starters played vs. reserves. Judging by the box score, 10 different players scored, but it looks like at least a few played a fairly significant amount of time (one player scored 27 points and two others were in double figures).

Lopsided matchups like this are certainly rare, but occasionally happen. Ferndale University, a Class B school with an enrollment of 476 students according to the MHSAA, doesn’t have a conference affiliation, so filling out a schedule can be tough, which means that an overmatched opponent or two — in this case, Class C Cristo Del Rey (enrollment 227) — can find its way onto the schedule of an independent just to simply fill out a minimum number of games.

But still … 97 points in a high school game is a lot, considering quarters are eight minutes and there is no shot clock. It wouldn’t be that difficult to keep that score a little less embarrassing through running a lot of clock on offensive possessions against an obviously out of their element opponent.

But I’ll let readers weigh in here. You OK with this? Just part of playing competitive sports? Or was this shoddy sportsmanship?

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