Hamady ‘icon’ Archie Robinson back on sidelines in GAC

December 11, 2012 in High School

By Patrick Hayes

The Flint area lost a great coach from the sidelines when Archie Robinson, the longtime Hamady coach, stepped away after the 2009-10 season. Fortunately, though, he’s found a new gig at nearby Atherton. From Mark Spezia of the Flint Journal:

“I got to know Archie pretty well when we were both athletic directors and really respected how he works with young people,” said (Ralph) LaDuke, who retired as Atherton’s AD in June. “What an icon. He runs programs the right away and you can learn so much about winning basketball just by having a friendly conversation with him.”

“I saw the Atherton job was open and felt really good about seeking it after talking with Ralph,” Robinson said. “I felt it was a great place to be a head coach again. I just feel really wanted and appreciated here. It’s just nice to work in that kind of atmosphere where you feel everybody is supporting you.”

I don’t know exactly why Robinson’s tenure ended at Hamady, but I do know it was a shame that they lost him. Hamady had a great small school program for a number of years and Robinson helped quite a few players make it to the college level, no easy task in one of the worst performing school districts in the state in recent years. He’s a great mentor and the state’s basketball community is better with him on the sidelines somewhere.

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