Chris Douglas-Roberts discusses his unique experiences playing in Italy

December 11, 2012 in Professional

By Patrick Hayes

Max Blau of ESPN’s Grantland has a great piece with American players talking about their experiences playing international basketball. Among them — Detroit native Chris Douglas-Roberts:

“I lived in a different culture for a whole year. I met great people from all sides of the world,” Douglas-Roberts proudly says proudly. “I can actually say I lived a year in Italy. Guys from my neighborhood in the west side of Detroit cannot say that.”

Of course, there was also some tradeoff. Douglas-Roberts, who has played in the NBA, also had to deal with significantly worse living conditions and difficulty communicating with teammates in Italy.

The piece also mentions that Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks, who played overseas rather than going to college before being selected in the NBA Draft, had the help of several experienced American players as a teenager in a new country, including former Michigan State big man Andre Hutson.

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