Michigan native Dan Majerle on Michael Jordan: “If you talk, it gets him more fired up and then he takes it personal and really wants to kill you”

November 19, 2012 in Professional

By Patrick Hayes

Traverse City native and Central Michigan great Dan Majerle was a really good NBA shooting guard in the 1990s. Unfortunately, he shared an era with the greatest of all-time, Michael Jordan, who tended to overshadow his peers at the position. Majerle, a good, strong defensive player, did a better job than most trying to contain Jordan and recently talked to the Arizona Republic about the challenges of guarding Jordan:

“Well, you need a lot of help,” Majerle said. “I don’t know if there was a game plan. That’s why he was the greatest in my opinion, because he didn’t have a weakness. You can’t say, ‘Make him shoot a jump shot.’ You can’t say, ‘Make him post up.’ You can’t say, ‘Stay off him or get up on him,’ because he’s pretty much got the whole repertoire in his offense.”

Majerle also discusses Jordan’s famous trash talk in the piece.

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