Eastern Michigan’s James Still pleads guilty to felony from 2010

November 14, 2012 in Division I, JUCO

By Patrick Hayes

Eastern Michigan junior James Still pleaded guilty to one count of felony assault with serious bodily injury on Tuesday in Rhode Island, according to Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press. The plea stems from an on-campus assault that led to Still and teammate Johnnie Lacy being dismissed from the team at the University of Rhode Island’s basketball team in 2010. Lacy recently accepted a plea agreement and will serve three years of a 10-year sentence and be on probation the remainder of that sentence, according to Snyder.

Still rejected a plea agreement in May, but accepted it on Tuesday. He’s scheduled to be sentenced in January. He played in the first two games of the season for Eastern Michigan, but the school has yet to comment on what his status is with the team now that he has pled guilty.

Over the summer, I wrote about Still, who played at Henry Ford Community College after being out of Providence. Still did not get into trouble at HFCC and the coaching staff there had nothing but positive things to say about him. Suffice it to say though, although that personal growth that he and his coach at HFCC talked about is certainly a good thing for Still’s life in the long run, the assault he just pled guilty to is an incredibly serious crime that puts Still’s immediate freedom and basketball/college future in jeopardy.

Eastern Michigan blog Eagle Totem has some in-depth thoughts on Still worth checking out.

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