Can Detroit native and unrepentant shooter Jordan Crawford play point guard?

October 9, 2012 in Professional

By Patrick Hayes

With Washington Wizards point guard John Wall injured, the team is looking for other options to hold that spot down while Wall recovers. One unlikely name that has emerged is Detroit native Jordan Crawford, a player who has been known throughout his high school, college and pro career for his penchant for shooting the ball. Thomas Pruitt of SB Nation D.C. recently wrote about the high and low points of Crawford’s game:

Let’s start with the good – Crawford is ready, willing and able to get a shot off almost any time he feels like it, especially when he’s playing against second units. His usage rate was one of the NBA’s highest last year, with his game primarily consisting of long two-point jumpers off of the dribble. These are the least efficient shots in basketball, but players who can make them at a good clip - Jason Terry and Ben Gordon are the best examples – can be extremely valuable to a team’s second unit, especially come playoff time when a higher level of defensive intensity and ability can force players into more long two pointers.

Given that scouting report, it’s strange that the Wizards would consider Crawford as an option at point guard. But, via Kyle Weidie of Truth About It, teammate Bradley Beal thinks Crawford has what it takes:

“When people ask me who’s going to start at the point, I think Jordan can play point a little bit, honestly,” said Beal of he and Crawford being able to complement each other. “Just the way he creates and the way he passes is terrific. He’s an underrated passer. I mean, he does a lot of no looks, but I mean, it gets there. He can shoot the ball, pass the ball, plays great defense. He has the size for a point guard.”

The ‘defense’ part might be a stretch, but Beal is essentially right — skill-wise, Crawford should be able to do some things a point guard would typically do. He’s just never been asked to play that way. It will be interesting to watch and, if he’s successful, he will make himself a much more versatile commodity as a NBA player.

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