Keep Goodrich coaches David Barns and Gary Barns and their family in your thoughts

September 28, 2012 in High School

By Patrick Hayes

I’ve posted a couple items on this site about David Barns, Goodrich assistant basketball coach and the son of head coach Gary Barns, and his battle with cancer. Jared Field of Great Lakes Hoops reports that the family continues to need your thoughts and prayers:

I heard from a couple friends in the last two days that the health of Dave Barns, the son of Goodrich basketball coach Gary Barns, is rapidly deteriorating.

There’s no need to get into specifics, but this is a family that needs even more support than they have already received from the basketball community. I don’t have a relationship with Coach Barnes or his son, but people I care about and respect think the world of both of them.

Dave Barns, who coached the JV team at Goodrich, was was diagnosed last year with cancer and has faced a long and difficult road.

I covered Goodrich several times and talked with Gary Barns several times over the years. Win or lose, he was always kind, friendly and willing to give me as much time as I needed after games. He also absolutely loves the game and can talk about basketball for hours if you let him.

I only talked with David once or twice at events I covered, but he also was extremely friendly and always willing to make sure I had whatever I needed.

Goodrich emerged as one of the top Class B programs in the state over the years and their little gym is always packed, loud and extremely difficult to play in. It’s a great environment for high school basketball, and the Gary and David are responsible for building that.

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