Detroit’s Jordan Crawford, gunner extraordinaire

August 29, 2012 in Professional

By Patrick Hayes

Anyone who has watched Detroit native Jordan Crawford in college or the NBA for any length of time knows that he’s a scorer — often a shoot-first and shoot-second scorer. Aaron McGuire of Gothic Ginobili recently wrote about just how unrepentant a chucker Crawford is in a statistical context:

Crawford is what one would call a “shoot-always” guard, despite the fact that he’s a reasonably effective passer when he deigns to give up the ball. Crawford put up 872 shots in just 27 minutes per game, which is actually pretty incredible.

In the past decade, only four players have managed that kind of a pace — Crawford, this season’s awful incarnation of Brook Lopez, 2010 J.R. Smith, and 2009 Charlie Villanueva.

With lottery pick Bradley Beal added to the Washington Wizards mix this season, Crawford might have to get more efficient with his shots if he’s going to continue having a large role in that offense.