An exhaustive look at how Detroit native Willie Green should help the Los Angeles Clippers, be helped by Chris Paul

August 27, 2012 in Professional

By Patrick Hayes

When the Los Angeles Clippers acquired former Detroit Cooley and University of Detroit star Willie Green, I wrote about how Green’s 3-point shooting should help the Clips in a reserve role. Well, Fred Katz of Clipperblog, the Los Angeles Clipper site in ESPN’s TrueHoop Network, has an incredibly in-depth look at Green and his fit in L.A.

Katz on how All-NBA point guard Chris Paul will make life easy for Green:

A player like Green (and a player like (Randy) Foye) needs a good point guard. They don’t create for themselves, but if someone can get them open all of a sudden, it’s a different game. They turn into totally different players. It’s no coincidence that Randy Foye had one of his best ever shooting years in his first year playing with Chris Paul. Paul assisted on 83 of Foye’s made field goals last season. That’s about a third of all the field goals he made all year.

To put that in perspective and realize the difference an elite point guard can make on a shooter like Foye or Green, no Foye teammate had ever assisted on more than 38 of his field goals in a single season. That player? Sebastian Telfair, who hardly wears the badge of dominance. Meanwhile, those 38 assists accounted for only 9.5 percent of Foye’s made field goals that season.

Throw Randy Foye on a team where Jeff Teague and Kirk Hinrich do most of the ball-handing and you might end up with the volume shooting Green had last season. Jannero Pargo (23 assists) was Green’s main assist partner last season. Hinrich assisted on only 17 of his shots, Teague on only 13. To put that in perspective, the hardly shifty Vladimir Radmanovic assisted on 14 Green field goals last season. It wasn’t easy being Green. There is proof of that. Throw him on the same team as Chris Paul and suddenly, he’s significantly more comfortable.

Katz also notes that Green is a defensive upgrade over the man he is replacing, Randy Foye. There is a lot of interesting information in that post, it’s worth checking out the entire thing.