Magic Johnson says his sister was a ‘female Magic’ and a better shooter than him

August 6, 2012 in Professional

By Patrick Hayes

As I wrote last week, Magic Johnson was in Michigan last week because his 1977 Lansing Everett squad was inducted into the Greater Lansing Sports Hall of Fame. Chris Solari of the Lansing State Journal published the full transcript of Magic’s conversation with reporters. It’s lengthy, but there are plenty of great stories in there, including this one:

Q: How special is it to share this with your sister?

“Oh, it’s very special. I think it’s very special for the two of us. She’s the better shooter in the family. She could outshoot me any day. Evelyn was ahead of her time – a young lady who could do it all. Basically, she was a female Magic Johnson. She could take it off the board, she could go coast-to-coast, she could score it, she could pass it. I didn’t miss any of her games. It was fun. We would play on Tuesdays and Fridays and they would play on Mondays and Thursdays or something, so I’d be in the stands watching my sister. The best story I have is we were in junior high at Dwight Rich, and so my sister comes into the lunch room and she’s mad. I go, ‘What’s up?’ And she says, ‘I just beat two boys and they won’t pay me.’ So I had to go out to the playground and get her money. They were so made that she beat them. But Evelyn, even today, she is so competitive. We’re so much alike. The only thing I wish is she had played for the Green and White, too. At that time, the coach here didn’t understand Evelyn’s type of game. She didn’t recruit ‘those type of players,’ quote unquote, so she went to South Carolina, where basketball was big-time and actually went to the Final Four, here at Central Michigan. They got beat, but what a thrill it was for my parents to watch her play in the Final Four and then turn around and watch me play. That was great.”

Also, in other Magic-related news, I started reading Jack McCallum’s recently released ‘Dream Team’ book and there are already some great Magic stories in there. I’ll do a full review from the Magic-angle in a week or so when I’m through with it.